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What I got out of the program was a lot more confidence in playing my shots and my bowling, I learnt how to play shots correctly, therefore, giving me more confidence.

The program also helped me with my balance playing both front foot and back foot shots and the importance of it. I have learnt with my bowling through the program to have momentum through the crease and the have a high front arm.

Cricktech 360 Wagga
Will Oliver

Footy has been my coach since I first started playing cricket 5 years ago.

He has taught me so much , not only great technique that has helped me in opening the batting but also in my mental game , he has taught me to believe in myself .

Grace Boulding

Cricket is a big part of Grace’s life , she has achieved much in her cricket in a small amount of time . Footy has been instrumental in her development and furthering her enjoyment of the game. Last year Grace was involved in a girls side touring the UK and was able to perform under pressure as she had coping mechanisms and techniques in place taught to her by Footy. Grace also batted well in the country championship for the Riverina , she was in the top 10 highest run scorers . As parents we really appreciate the time and dedication he has given to Grace and the personal confidence she has gained not only in the game but also upon her approach to many aspects in her life.

Dean & Emma Boulding

My cricktech specialised coaching experience has helped me to enhance my game in numerous ways including both physical and mental aspects of the game. The 1 on 1 coaching allows for more pin pointed technical analysis and with the attention allows for working on personal game plans and game sense for each individual players needs.

Temora Representative, U16 NRCC 2018/19, U16 Riverina 2018/19
Will Oliver

Cricktech has helped me with my alignment to the target with my bowling and using my whole body to bowl rather than muscling my deliveries. With my batting the repetitive drills has improved my ability to watch the ball better, have a better balance set up and play the ball later allowing me to play the ball along the ground more, whilst accessing more areas of the ground.

Cricktech 360 Wagga, U15 Wagga City Cats, U14’s NRCC Representative
Gus Coles

The 360 cricket program is incredible it’s improved my cricket out of sight, and footy is probably one of the best coaches you could ask for he has an incredible mind for cricket and is a great coach. The way the program is run is really good because you have other players your age group to learn from and compare to. I’ve learnt so much about my game and found weaknesses that I didn’t know were there and tweaked my bowling and batting action to improve it. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Cricktech 360 Wagga
Heath Hosie

By attending Cricktech 360 I have learnt many things to improve on in both batting and bowling. Cricktech has assisted me with my alignment, load up and wrist position with has seen my consistency and wicket-taking ability to improve this season. With my batting, I have improved my footwork (front and back), grip and established a solid balanced setup. I have been able to bring these things into the game on the weekend, along with game sense scenario training to improve my cricket throughout the year.

Cricktech 360 Albury, 1st Grade New City Cricket Club, Riverina Country Colts
Aaron Green

What I learnt at Craig Footman’s academy, with my batting is that I have to react to the ball and stay balanced at all times and to get my body behind the ball when I’m playing a back foot defence. What I took out of my bowling the most is I have to have my head towards the batter and keep my body aligned to help move towards the target.

MCC Under 16’s
Tom Davies

I have enjoyed the feedback that I am getting with both my batting and bowling and being able to work on it as we go in the sessions. My approach, load up and follow through in my bowling have all improved as a result of the program. With my batting, I have been able to work on actually watching the ball and playing the ball late when on the front and back foot.

CRICKTECH 360 Albury, New City Cricket Club & CAW, Country Week Representative
Riley Semmens

I learned that having a high elbow is a key component in my ability to play ground stroke, also the footwork drills have assisted me in being a more confident batsman against spin and increased my ability to rotate the strike and accumulate runs this season. Repetitive structured drills have seen me improve my ability to pick line and length up earlier which has assisted with my intent to play off the back and front foot.

Cricktech 360 Wagga, South West Slopes & U16’s, NRCC Representative
Max Peterson

I have enjoyed the great feedback. This programme has shown me how to build an innings and bowl consistent line and length.

Sean Culgan

I have gotten lots of game awareness from the program. It has improved my consistency with my bowling action. It has also improved my ability to score runs and my confidence with my bowling.

MCC Under 16’s
Jack Hutchinson

The Program has improved all of my skills within the game such as my batting and getting my feet moving and looking to score runs and also with my bowling to stop crossing arms and consistently hitting ‘the spot’.

Billy Evans

The New City Cricket Club is a member club of Cricket Albury Wodonga based in Lavington.

The 2018-2019 season had significant challenges for the club when only five games into the season the club found itself without an A Grade Coach or A Grade Captain after both resigned in dramatic circumstances.

A Sub Committee was formed and reached out to Craig Footman to undertake the Director of Coaching role at the club and mentor our young English player whom was appointed Captain Coach.

In response to the situation, Craig implemented a number of initiatives including:

  • Individual coaching of junior players which included a USB stick of video footage and commentary highlighting areas for improvement so they could continue to work on their skills;
  • Weekly mentoring of our young leadership group;
  • The collection of game day data to inform better decision making and help improve individual performance; and
  • Weekly reporting through to the Committee.

New City was not expected to be competitive yet managed to win three games against quality opposition over the next few weeks as well as give the two top sides a scare before gallantly going down by close margins. The club was in finals contention right through to the end of the season.

The club recognises that Craig brings a unique and contemporary perspective to the game and is particularly good with our young players and emerging leaders. He is an exceptional cricket coach that players want to play for.

We are looking forward to working with Craig for many years to come.

Christopher Green, President of New City Cricket Club


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